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Water Testing Instruments

Water Testing Instruments offers products thatare designed to present testing and analysis of industrial water and the water used in process industries. Water Testing Instruments provides analysis equipment and chemical solutions for accurately testing the quality of water, quality field testing kits and aqueous solutions.

We offer a large range of Water Testing Instruments . The digital Water Testing Instruments contrived by the Water Testing Instruments, are the most excellent quality instruments, obtainable in the market. we as a Water Testing Instruments supply instruments for the international market.

Water Testing Instruments offered area unit backed by latest technology support further as in advanced style configurations that gives in them optimum method practicality support. Here, our experience lies in creating these accessible in numerous model configurations provide in specific testing procedures during a monitored laboratory atmosphere. The vary includes hydrogen ion concentration Meter, conduction Meter, muddiness Meter, Dissolved element Meter, Flame picture Meter, photometer, Karl Fischer apparatus, picture Flori Meter, measuring system, temperature equipment. apart from these, we tend to conjointly provide Antibiotic Zone Reader, Leak check equipment, Potentio Meter twin Channel, C.O.D autoclave and Water Analysis Kit.

Water Testing Instruments offers a huge gamut of Water Testing Instruments. This Water Testing Instruments uses superior grade materials with the aid of latest technology and methodology. Water Testing Instruments offer products that find its application in various laboratories, where water is treated for its purification process to make it pure and drinkable to the public.

Moreover, the offered range is presented in the market at very nominal rates. The instruments provided by Water Testing Instruments help you to measure water quality, quickly and easily. Water Testing Instruments offers a robust selection of Water Testing Instruments that finds space in most applications. Krishna Techno Sales offered are designed to present testing and analysis of industrial water and also of the water used in process industries.

Multiparameter Tester ( Microprocessor )