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Tensile Strength Tester-Microprocessor (ITEM CODE: KTS 250)

Capacity : 250kgf. Leas Count : 1g. Tensile Testing Machine is designed to test tensile strength, elongation test for Textile, plastic films, sheeting materials. This equipment can also be used for peeling, seal strength, tearing test for extension. Metal, Plastics, Rubber, Paper, Yarn, wire, foils and finished components in tension with maximum capacity up to 250kgs. Features: Direct display of results and printout through microcontroller such as Peak load, Break load, Elongation at peak load, Elongation at break load, Tensile strength at peak load, Tensile strength at break load, % elongation at peak load, % elongation at break load could be viewed on the micro controller and printout could be obtained by directly attaching a dot matrix printer to the equipment Graphic display and printout through PC with some additional results such Young’s modulus, Yield load, Yield stress and Load Vs Elongation graph. Report Contains : Peak load, break load, elongation at peak load, elongation at break load, Tensile strength at peak load, tensile strength at break load. Standards : ASTM-D 5035, ASTM-D 1578, ASTM D-5034, ASTM D-434, BSEN 1002-3, BS-1610, DIN-51221. Technical Specifications : Load Cell Capacity : 250kg with resolution 10gms. Cross Travel : 1000mm. Resolution of displacement : 0.1mm. System Status : Computerized and Digital. PC Connected : RS 232 (USB Optional). Reports : Graphical + Data through software. Unit : Kg, Newton, Pound, cm, mm, inch. Speed : 10/500mm/minute. Accessories : Pneumatic Grip-01 Set, Other grip optional on demand. Supply : 230VAC/50Hz. Power : 750watts. Weight Approx : 170kg.

Hot Air Oven (ITEM CODE: KTS 015)

Size : 45 X 45 X 45 CMS (18” x 18” x 18”). Temp. Range : 5°C. Above Ambient to 250°C, Accuracy: ±2°C. Accuracy : ±2°C. Hot Air Ovens are sturdy double walled units. Inner chamber made of S.S.and outer made of Mild Steel with Powder coating. Gap between the walls fitted with glass wool insulation to avoid heat loses. Heating elements are made of high grade chrome plated nicrome wire. Temp. is controlled by thermostat. Tech. Specification:

Air Ventilations is provided on the top of the unit to remove the hot gases / fumes.Temperature Heating Type Natural Air Convention
Range Ambient + 5oC. to 250oC
Accuracy +/- 1o C at 100oC
Uniformity +/- 2oC at 100oC
Heat up time to 120oC (Mins) 15 mins
Heater Nichrome wire coil type heater at bottom.
Construction Double Walled.
Control Main controller Thermostat
Sensor Capillary
Shelves 2 nos. of Rod Trays will be provided.
Material Internal Mild Steel/Stainless Steel
External Steel with epoxy Powder coating
Door Gasket Silicon Rubber Gasket
Insulation 75 mm Glass wool woven.
Nos. of Ventilation Damper 1
Power 230 VAC 50/60Hz
Inner Dimensions 18” x 18’ x 18” (45 x 45 x45 cms)

Conditioning Chamber (ITEM CODE: KTS 013)

Microprocessor based Conditioning Chamber is an ideal to condition sample prior to testing. The textile conditioning unit is specifically designed to rapidly bring textile samples to the standard condition of 21°C and 65% RH (tolerance of ±2°C and ±2% RH). Depending on the weight of the sample. Salient Features : Wet bulb setting for Rh . Powerful Algorithm For Precise Control. Auto Selection Of Heat Or Cool For Dry Bulb Temperature Control & Humidification Or Dehumidification For Rh Control. R.H. Control From 40 To 90% With Dry Bulb Anywhere From 10 To 60 Deg C. Incorporates Safe Control At All Boundaries. Compressor Interlock With Set Temperature.
Continuous Display Of Dry Bulb & Wet Bulb. As Well As Selectable Display Of Traveling Set Point For Both.Sensor : Pt 100 For Dry And Wet. Outputs : Control Outputs, Optional Auxiliary Outputs Through Relays. Accuracy : +/- 1 Deg C. For Dry Bulb & +/- 3% For R.H. Safety Features : Compressor Time Delay Circuit. Compressor Overload Relay Protector. The Design Of The Chamber Is Most Ideal To Set Conditions Which Gives Uniformity Of Temperature Throughout The Chamber And Also Saves Valuable Power Consumption. Supply : 230 volts Ac Single Phase Supply . Wattage : 2 K.W. Consumption : 2 Units /Hr Approx. Capacity: 170 LTRS. Dimension : 50 X 40 X 85 CMS.

Distillation Unit (ITEM CODE: KTS 016)

Capacity : 6 Liters per Hour.
This unit is made up of complete S. S. Designed to provide pyrogen free distilled water of very high degree of purity.
Easy wall mounting Condenser cave be opened easily for periodic cleaning.
The still is fitted with immersion type heating element.
It is provided with iron bracket to be fixed on the wall.

Construction Details :
Made of heavy gauge stainless sheet inside and outside, with immersion type heaters. The still provides continuous supply of pyroxene free distilled water and is equipped with brackets for wall mounting plug and cord and connector.

Output 6 ltr/Hour.
Heating Element : Immersion Type Heaters.
Capacity : Approx. 6 Litres Per Hour. Heater Rating: 4.0 K.w.
Mounting : Bracket.power: 220 /240 V Ac.
Accessories: Power Cord With Standard 3-pronge Plug, Bracket Etc.

Muffle Furnace

Muffle furnace is one of important laboratory equipment which is widely used in various industries. There are number of applications in which a muffle furnace is used for example for drying enamel coats, heating ceramic products, glass working etc.

Construction Single Walled.
Temperature Heating Type Embedded heater from 4 sides.
Range Up to 1150 deg. C
Accuracy +/- 5o Deg C at 800o Deg C
Uniformity +/- 10o Deg C at 800o Deg C
Heat up time to 1100oC (Mins) 55 mins

Bursting Strength Tester – Digital (ITEM CODE: KTS 009D)

Capacity : 0 – 35 Kg /
Digital Bursting Strength Tester is used to determine the bursting strength of any fabric, leather, paper and card board. Bursting Strength tester works on hydraulic pressure crated in cylinder through glycerin. A test specimen is held between two annular clamps under sufficient pressure to minimize slippage.

Technical Data :
Opening in upper clamp : 30.5 mm diameter.
Opening in lower clamp : 33.1 mm diameter.
Rate of fluid displacement : 95 cm³/minute.
Pressure gauges range : 35kgf/cm² x 0.1 kgf/cm² (other ranges can be supplied against specific requirements).
Test fluid: Glycerin, Motor: ¼ HP single-phase 230-volts AC.
Gear box : Worm reduction type.
Weight : 75kgs.
Related Specifications IS 1966 – 1975 : Method for Determination of Bursting Strength and Bursting Distension of Fabrics – Diaphragm Method.
ASTM D 774 – 1996 : Standard Test Method for Bursting Strength of Paper.
ISO 2758 : Determination of Bursting Strength.
TAPPI T 403 – 1991 : Bursting Strength of Paper.

Bursting Strength Tester–Analogue (ITEM CODE: KTS 009)

Capacity : 0 – 35 Kg /
To determine the Bursting strength of any material such as fabric, leather etc. is its strength under multi – directional force and is defined, as the hydrostatic pressure required producing rapture of the material when pressure is applied at a controlled increasing rate through a rubber diaphragm.

Analogue Opening in upper clamp : 30.5 mm diameter and Opening in lower .
Clamp : 38.1 mm diameter. Rate of fluid displacement: 95 cc/minute Pressure..

Standards : ISO 2758 / 2559 / 3303 / 3689, ASTM D3786, BS 3137 / 3424, IS 1966.

Box Compression Strength Tester (ITEM CODE: KTS 600)

Size : 600mm X600mm.
Digital Box compression strength tester is used to measure the containers resistance to the external compression loads during transit and storage period, this is suitable to test stacking strength of corrugated boxes with variable compressive speed, overload and over travel protection facilities.
Fully automatic single start test button, Electro-mechanical drive system testing speed 10±3mm per minute, Load display least count 0.1 kgf and deflection least count of 0.1mm, Test result peak-hold facility, Auto tare set.

function Capacity : 0-1000 kgf.
Related Standards :
IS : 7028(Part VI) 1973 7028(Part VI) 1975.
TAPPI : T804 om-02.
ASTM : D 4577-94/D 642-98.
PCBM : 14:96.
FEFCO : TM 50 1997.
Also available Size : 1000mm X 1000mm

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