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Digital Moisture Meter (Make -Indian)

Microprocessor based pin type moisture meter with separate probe. Ideal for measuring moisture content of paper, paper tubes, paper board, corrugated board, wood, timber. Digital display with back light gives exact and clearly reading although you stay at the sober conditions.
Specification: 4 digital LCD, Measuring Range: 0-80 %, Temperature: 0-60º C, Humidity: 5 % -90 %RH, Resolution: 0.1, Accuracy: + 0.5 % n
Operation: Electrical Resistance Method, Automatic temperature compensation.Power Supply: 4 x1.5 AAA Size (UM-4) battery
Dimensions: 140mm x 60mm x 22mm.
Weight: 175 g (not including batteries)

Precision Thermo-Hygrograph (Model: Thr-1-2)

Make: Isuzu Japan
To determine and Record the Temperature and Relative Humidity over a selected period (Daily/Weekly). Quartz clock movement for drums with fibre tip pens. Also works on Pencil Cells.
1. Full-cycle recording system that allows recording all the way around the recording paper.
2. Maximum and minimum atmospheric temperature and relative humidity values are obtained through continuous recording.
3. Built-in quartz clock drive to minimize time errors.
4. Slide system for simplified clock settings Compact size.
5. Can be placed on the table or hung on the wall.
6.Temperature Range: -20 to 50°C deg , Minimum graduation: 1°C
7. Humidity Range: 0-100%RH, Minimum graduation: 1%RH
Supplied With Main Unit: 01 No., Graph Papers (Weekly Chart)(For 55 Weeks) : 55 Nos., Graph Papers (Daily Chart) : 370 Nos and Instruction Manual.

DigiTimer (ITEM CODE: KTS 915.12)

DigiTimer with 3 functions
Count down 24 H – 59 M – 59 S,
Clock 24 Hours, Count up

Digital Thickness Tester (ITEM CODE: KTS 012)

Standard measuring range 0 – 10 mm, accuracy: 0.01mm
To determine the material thickness of all non-woven fabrics. With these instruments the most popular checking methods can be applied for textiles, felt, paper, floor coverings, leather, foils, rubber etc.
The instrument does not meet the DIN, EN and ISO standards. The feeler shape and the pressure are corresponding to DIN EN ISO 5084 standards. This low-cost thickness gauge is suitable for quick comparison measurements.
Standards: ASTM D1777, DIN EN ISO 5084


Sensor used the exclusive photo diode & color correction filter, spectrum meet C.I.E.photopic.
Sensor cosine correction factor meet standard
Separate LIGHT SENSOR allows user to measure the light at an optimum position. High accuracy in measuring Ranges: 0-50.000 Lux (3 ranges: 2,000 Lux, 20,000 Lux, 50,000 Lux). Sampling time: 0.4 second.)

Box Compression Strength Tester (ITEM CODE: KTS 600)

Size: 600mm X600mm
Digital Box compression strength tester is used to measure the containers resistance to the external compression loads during transit and storage period, this is suitable to test stacking strength of corrugated boxes with variable compressive speed, overload and over travel protection facilities.
Fully automatic single start test button, Electro-mechanical drive system testing speed 10±3mm per minute, Load display least count 0.1 kgf and
deflection least count of 0.1mm, Test result peak-hold facility, Auto tare set function, Capacity: 0 -1000 kgf
Size: 600mm X600mm
Related Standards: IS: 7028(Part VI) 1973 7028(Part VI) 1975, TAPPI: T804 om-02, ASTM: D 4577-94/D 642-98, PCBM: 14:96, FEFCO: TM 50 1997
Also available Size: 1000mm X 1000mm

Fluorescent Illuminated Magnifier (ITEM CODE: KTS 006)

To find the defect of Weaving, dyeing, printing & visual quality checks.
Flexible Arm Illuminated Magnifier with 130 mm Dia Magnifier Lens- 4 x Magnification.
22W circular fluorescent tube
Easy positioning of the lens/light module at any point in any orientation.
Lens: Specially designed, distortion controlled high quality lens correctly sized for both eyed (bi-ocular) vision. Clear diameter 130 mm, 3.2D lens. Provides about 4 times area magnification.
Working clearance below lens mount is 250 mm, and field seen can be up to 250 mm. Illumination: 22 watt standard circular fluorescent light providing shadow free, bright illumination.

Digital Tensile Strength Tester (ITEM CODE:KTS 500)

Maximum capacity 500Kg with 100gms accuracy, works on CRE principle.
To determine tensile strength of any type of Fabrics, Plastic & Other Materials. Elongation can also be measured on display panel.
Digital control panel with digital extension meter.
Maximum jaw separation 450mm & minimum jaw separation 25mm.
Machine suitable for Fabric/Lea testing Single screw heavy duty frame structure balance load facility for smooth working and operation
Machine can work on both directions Tensions
Machine is suitable for Fabric/Yarn lea application.(Strength & Elongation)
Machine is fully digital model with accuracy.
Speed selection is 300mm & 450mm speed A.C. Drive.Speed change settable with digital key Pad on A.C.Drive Extension resolution 0.01mm, Extension accuracy. 1mm, Weight: 175 Kgs.
Related Standards: ASTM-D 5035, ASTM-D 1578, ASTM D-5034, ASTM D-434,
BSEN 1002-3, BS-1610, DIN-51221

Bursting Strength Tester – Digital (ITEM CODE: KTS 009D)

Capacity: 0 – 35 Kg /
Digital Bursting Strength Tester is used to determine the bursting strength of any fabric, leather, paper and card board. Bursting Strength tester works on hydraulic pressure crated in cylinder through glycerin. A test specimen is held between two annular clamps under sufficient pressure to minimize slippage.
Opening in upper clamp : 30.5 mm diameter
Opening in lower clamp : 33.1 mm diameter
Rate of fluid displacement : 95 cm³/minute
Pressure gauges range : 35kgf/cm² x 0.1 kgf/cm²
(other ranges can be supplied against specific requirements)
Test fluid: Glycerin, Motor: ¼ HP single-phase 230-volts AC
Gear box: Worm reduction type, Weight: 75kgs
RELATED SPECIFICATIONS: IS 1966 – 1975 : Method for Determination of Bursting Strength and Bursting Distension of Fabrics – Diaphragm Method
ASTM D 774 – 1996 : Standard Test Method for Bursting Strength of Paper
ISO 2758 : Determination of Bursting Strength
TAPPI T 403 – 1991 : Bursting Strength of Paper.

Bursting Strength Tester Analogue (ITEM CODE: KTS 009)

Capacity: 0 – 35 Kg /
To determine the Bursting strength of any material such as fabric, leather etc. is its strength under multi – directional force and is defined, as the hydrostatic pressure required producing rapture of the material when pressure is applied at a controlled increasing rate through a rubber diaphragm.
Analogue Opening in upper clamp: 30.5 mm diameter and Opening in lower
clamp: 38.1 mm diameter. Rate of fluid displacement: 95 cc/minute Pressure.
Standards: ISO 2758 / 2559 / 3303 / 3689, ASTM D3786, BS 3137 / 3424, IS 1966

Tearing Strength Tester (ITEM CODE: KTS 010)

KTS tearing strength Tester Determines the Tearing Strength of fabrics, papers, plastic films or other similar materials is determined by measurement of the work done in tearing through a fixed length of the test specimen using of Elmendorf Tear Tester.
Supplied With:
Main unit: 01 No. Augmenting weight for 3200 gram: 01 No. Augmenting weight for 6400 gram: 01 No. Augmenting weight for 12800 gram: 01 No. Bush for Augmenting weight: 01 No. Allen bolt (Small & Big) for Augmenting weight: 01 No. (each) Allen key (5mm): 01No. Specimen cutting template: 01 No. Weight to check Calibration (3200, 6400 & 12800 gram): 01 No. (each)
Capacity : 3200 gram : 6400 gram : 12800 gram
Clamping surfaces: 35.5 (L) x 15.5 (W) mm of each clamp Distance between Clamps: 2.5 + 0.25 mm Tearing Distance: 43 + 0.15mm Slit Size: 20 + 0.2 mm Template Size: As per ASTM standard Scale Reading: 0 to 100% of range (Least count: 1%) Calibration check weights : At 3200 gram At 6400 gram At 12800 gram

Colour Matching Cabinet (ITEM CODE: KTS 004)

The consistency of the light sources in all KTS Colour Matching Cabinets gives excellent viewing conditions for reliable colour critical decisions under consistent lighting.
The KTS 004 is fitted with 5 light sources:
D 65. Artificial Daylight Fluorescent Lamps (18 W) 6500o K: 02 Nos.
TL 84. Triphosphor Fluorescent Lamp (18 W) 4000° K : 01 No.
Inc A Lamps. Tungsten Filament Lamps (40W) 2300-2800°K: 04 Nos.
CWF. Cool White Fluorescent Lamp (18W) 4100°K : 01 No.
UVB. Ultra-Violet Black Lamp (18W) Ultra Violet : 01 No.
The lamps have completed their 2000-hour life cycle. After that time the spectral output of the lamps will change, resulting in assessment inaccuracies.
Main Supply : 230V, 50 Hz, AC Single Phase
Dimension Approx: Length: 27.5Inch, Depth: 18Inch, Height: 21.5Inch
Standards: ASTM D 1729, ISO 3664, BS 950, DIN 6173.
Applications: Fabrics, Yarn, Garments, Plastic, Paints, Paper, automotive etc.
Weight Approx: 27 kg

Crock Meter- Manual (ITEM CODE: KTS 017)

To determine the colour fastness of textiles to dry or wet rubbing of fabric and dyed yarn.
Provided with a crocking finger of 16mm diameter with a downward force of 9 Newton’s and the facility for mounting standard crocking fabric.
The equipment is used for Testing the Transference of Color from the Surface of one material to another by either Wet or Dry Rubbing. Specimens are rubbed with Dry, Standard Cotton Cloth (Crocking cloth) and again, if applicable, with wet cloth. The staining of the crocking cloth is assessed with an Grey Scale.
Complete with all accessories including pre-cut (50 x 50 mm) 200 crocking clothes, 16mm Finger and finger clips, etc.
Dimension Approx: Length: 24Inch, Width: 4Inch Height: 7.2Inch
Weight Approx: 9Kg
Standards: ISO 105, AATCC 8 / 165, BS 1006, IS 766
SDC Gray Scales : Change in Colour & Staining in colour
AATCC Gray Scales: Change in colour & Staining in colour

Precision Gold Balance (ITEM CODE: PGB 610)

Capacity: 600 g Readability: 10mg (o.o1g)
Used to determine GSM & count of yarns or to weigh chemical & samples.
High Precision Balances come with all the intelligent capability you need for your daily routine application other than “Basic Weighing” in the Lab and does it all reliably and precisely, like Precision Weighing in different units•
Glass Windshield # Auto Calibration with External Weight # Low Battery Indicator # Multifunction Weighing Units # In built rechargeable battery for continues use # Auto Zero tracking # Overload Protection Design # S. S. Weighing Pan, Level indicator # Automatic Switch Off Option # High precision load cell sensor # RS232 Interface.

Precision GSM Balance (ITEM CODE: ECB 300)

Capacity: 300gm & Leas count: 0.01gm
Most Economic GSM balance to determine the GSM substance or determinate weight in grams of textiles as woven fabrics, fabrics, fleece, paper etc.
Capacity—-300 g, Readability—-0.01 g Repeatability (±)—-0.01 g, Linearity (±)—-0.02 g, Pan Size (mm)—-120 0, Display—-LCD, Calibration—-Automatic External , Tare Range—-Full, Operating Temp.—-10°Cto40°C , Power Supply—-AC 220V / 50-60 Hz, Dimension ( LxWxH ) mm—-300 x 165×90, Weight—-1 kg

Electronic Pocket Balance (Item Code: P200)

Capacity: 200g x 0.01g
Electronic pocket balance to determine the GSM substance or determinate weight in grams of textiles as woven fabrics, fabrics, fleece, paper etc.
Electronic Pocket Scale highest grade electronic sensors, this scale provides the most accurate weight readings you can rely on. The craftsmanship is of superior quality.

Pocket GSM Balance (ITEM CODE: P500)

Capacity: 500gm & Leas count: 0.01gm
Pocket GSM balance to determine the GSM substance or determinate weight in grams of textiles as woven fabrics, fabrics, fleece, paper etc.
Digital Pocket Scale is lightweight, slim, and compact.
Features:: auto calibration, tare fully capacity, Auto off: 30 seconds off, 5 Digits LCD Display, 6 Weighing modes: g, oz, ct, gn, ozt, dwt.

Quick GSM Cutter (Model: KTS 001B)

To determine the GSM (g/m²) of any Fabrics, Paper fleece, knitted fabric, foil, package material, machines, boxes, polyester & BOPP films, home furnishing items Teflon products etc.
Single Solid Machine, which is offered without pad and blade
3 Metal Cutting Wheels perfectly synchronized to get precise 100 cm² cut.
Holds complete grip on the fabric with minimal effort.
With smooth rotations the GSM Sample will be apart.
Long lasting hardened metal wheels gives you smooth & long cutting life.
Will Cut accurately even if the blade’s Sharpness decreases
Machine Weight – 13 Kgs (Approx)
Standards: ASTM D3776 / 2646, ISO 3801, BS 3424 / 2471, BSEN 12127

GSM Cutter (ITEM CODE: KTS 001)

To determine the GSM (g/m²) of any Fabrics, Paper fleece, knitted fabric, foil, package material, machines, boxes, polyester & BOPP films, home furnishing items Teflon products with maximum thickness of 3 mm.
Sample cutter for quick cuts with size of 100 cm².
Safety locker when circular cutter is not used.
Supplied: 4 high quality blades & 1 GSM Pad.
Standards: ASTM D 3776 / 2646, ISO 3801, BS 2471 / 3424, IS 1964, BSEN 12127.

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