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Handy Needle Detector (ITEM CODE: HD-25C-2)

The Handy needle detector can detect all the knit goods clothes, shoes, socks, sheets etc.
It can quickly detect the exact location of the broken needle inside the clothes so that ensure the safety.

Table Top Needle Detector (Item Code: HD-450C)

Needle Detector machine is being used in several establishments for detection of ferrous contaminants in raw material and finished products.
Features :
Adopting the beautiful and light ABS shell Adopting the strong magnetic material, the transducer supersensitive.
Adopting the stepless sensitive adjustment, the machine can detect the different kinds of objects The structure is well and closely installed with strong anti-vibration material.

Needle Detector (ITEM CODE: HD-650C)

The needle detector are detects the broken needles, shoe nail, iron wire and other metal pieces left inside toys, garments, textile, shoes etc.
Features :
1.It makes the outside shape beautiful and makes the weight of the machine light to adopt the shell of good quality.
2.It can effectively provide the number of the qualified, un-qualified and the total of the detection objects.
3.It can detect the thick or the super thin object separately.
4.It is equipped with the protection device to make the belt not leaving the normal track for ever.
5.It is equipped with the infrared device which can start the machine automatically it is not necessary to press the” start” button frequently.

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